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Sinks & Taps

Pressed Sinks .9mm

During the manufacturing process, most pressed stainless steel sinks are "stamped" into shape. That means that the material stretches and therefore the corners can be thinner than the sides for example. We suggest at least a 0.9mm sink - anything less will likely be remarkably thin in the corners. We have a good selection of pressed sinks all in 0.9mm stainless.

A good economical range.
Pressed Sinks 1.0mm

These are also our Pressed Sink range but have a very modern geometric look to them. They look like they are hand crafted but do not have the hand crafted price tag.
Pressed Sinks .9mm Pressed Sinks 1.0mm Taps
Pressed Sink Pressed Sinks 1.0mm Taps
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