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Making Value Choices

How do you decide?

Life is full of value choices. Just think of it, we make these everyday on many everyday items.
That tin of home brand tomatoes over a known Brand? Or which shirt or shoes to buy, the cheaper one for $40.00 that might not last as long as the more expensive one that is styled better and will wear better, but costs 4 times as much?
Which car, the Honda or the Toyota.
Then it even becomes more complicated as both might have some attributes you desire but you can’t get all of them in the one car?
To complicate it further we are all passionate about different aspects. In particular men and women tend to make different choices or see value in different attributes.
We all make these choices everyday.
When it comes to kitchen it is just the same.
In general we only replace our kitchens in New Zealand every 20 years or so – that’s the average, so it does need to last.

The key things to get right is the look and overall style and finish

Again there are no rules but here is our advice:
  1. Pick classical colours and schemes that will remain timeless (If you go for that Denim Blue kitchen as lots of people did in the mid 1980’s then you will “date stamp” the look).
  2. The trend in recent years is for more lighter looking and more open plan living areas, and a more reflective look, glossy stone benchtops, glass splash-backs and gloss finishes. Therefore choose Whites and off whites for the key elements and then put the colour in by way of glass splash backs, accessories and art.

In general here are the Key Value choices that need to be made when deciding on a kitchen

In ascending (highest cost choices 1st) value here they are:
  1. Worktops – the choice of worktops (and the various choices of thickness, materials and waterfall ends etc) will likely be the biggest single cost factor when making a kitchen decision – the problem here is that the kitchen bench is the most used surface in the whole home, and can be a significant design factor and all our food it prepped on it, it also is a key factor in transforming an ordinary kitchen into a superb one.
  1. Gloss finishes – these do add to the cost in the main it is the panels that add the real $$
  1. Accessories and pull out pop out stuff – these can add thousands of $$$ to the cost and again not easy to decide – you need to understand the essential requirements versus the toys? Sometimes we need these to get more bench top space and make the kitchen more functional – See “How to choose accessories”. Just about every house as a pullout bin nowadays – otherwise you will still need that lovely pedal bin on the floor somewhere?
  1. Drawer versus Cupboard, a cupboard will always cost less but is much more difficult to store goods effectively and see what you have. Drawers make for a more organized storage method.
These are the key choices to make.

So in summary, to achieve a low cost outcome

Use a laminate bench top, make it 30 mm post formed edge, have only 1 set of drawers, all the rest cupboards, make the units as large as possible, have no accessories and a low cost sink. This will make for the lowest cost kitchen to fill the space  - in general this is what property developers do!

For the highest cost outcome.

Use a stone, but make it thicker 50 or 60 mm, and have waterfall ends an undermounted  handcrafted sink, load it with accessories and pull outs and magic corners etc, drawers everywhere, and glass aluminum doors where required. This will make the most expensive kitchen to fill a space.
It is actually quite easy to make a kitchen fill the same space but 4 x the cost between a low cost one and fully optioned one! It is easy to spend peoples money without a thought, it is much more challenging to make a design cost effective.
Please See - design/cost examples.
Or contact us now to help you decide.
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