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How to Choose my Appliances

To start the kitchen design, you don’t need to know the specific model of appliance but the conceptual size and type i.e Induction hob or Gas hob, 600 wide or 900 wide etc
Remember there are no hard and fast rules, however things are usually better when kept in context of the house and space available.
There is not much sense in having a 900 wide double door fridge and a 900 wide free standing oven in a 2 bedroom brick and tile flat, or a single under bench oven and a 600 fridge in a large 5 bedroom family home.
Generally keep the size and volume of fridges and oven in context with the size of the house and the number of occupants there are.
Make sure you future proof those spaces, even if you only have a smaller frdge now, make sure you allow for the correct size later on. Particularly if you intend selling the house in future.

Have a look below for some examples

  • 700 wide fridge space – Needs a 630 mm to 685 mm wide fridge
  • 600 U/B oven
  • 600 wide dishwasher.
  • 600 Electric/gas hob.
These would suit a smaller, say 2  or small 3 bedroom house.
  • 750 Wide Fridge space – needs a 700 to 720 wide fridge
  • 600 U/B oven or 1 ½ wall oven
  • 600 wide dishwasher.
  • 600/740 electric/gas hob.
These would suit an average 3 bedroom home.
  • 900/940 wide fridge space – Needs a 840 wide or 900 wide double door fridge.
  • 900 U/B oven, 900 freestanding or 1 ½ wall oven
  • 600 wide dishwasher. (sometimes 2 dishwashers)
  • 740/900 wide electric/gas hob.
These would suit a large 3 bedroom to 5 bedroom house and larger families.

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