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FAQ | Kitchen Renovation with DIY Kitchens

Here is a list of some of our more frequently asked questions. We hope these are helpful to you.

Q: Can I get a quote for my kitchen, or help with my kitchen renovation design/layout.
A: Yes you can, However there is small charge for this service, as the prices quoted do not include any consultancy or design costs. We do understand that some people need some advice or a little help along the way. Here are the options:
1) Quote it yourself from the price list on the website. Make sure that you include any end panels at the end of runs and fillers. Once you're ready to proceed with the order and have paid your $500 deposit, we will then finalise the quote and CAD design, ensuring that nothing has been missed. The drawings will be supplied to confirm the order is complete with all the parts confirmed.
2) Pay $150, and bring in or email your plans/drawings. We will help sketch out the design with you, then draw it up in our CAD program. We will then send you a full design and quote based on the prices listed on the website/price list.
3) Pay $250 and we will come to your house (Greater Auckland area only) and do the consultation and specifications there. We will draw it up in our CAD program and then give you a quote based on the prices listed on the website.

Q: Can I get a one off custom sized unit to go with my order.
A: Yes you can get a custom sized unit - We charge $120 for each change from a standard unit to make it narrower, shorter or shallower. So for example if you wanted a 650 wide 2 door base unit It would be a 2B 700 base unit @ $263 or $290 (depending on what range you wanted) plus $120 to modify it.
If it was a complete custom unit for your kitchen renovation e.g: wider, taller, deeper than standard, we would need to give you a one off price on application.

Q: Do the units come with Handles and benchtops included?
A: No, as there is a wide range of both handle and worktop options available, these choices are separate to the units cost and can be priced separately.

Q: Can I get a quote for just a bench top.
A: Unfortunately no. We are not setup to supply replacement bench tops. We only supply bench tops as part of the whole kitchen sale.

Q: I know how much my units are going to cost me, but how much is a bench top going to cost. Can I get a quote for the bench top so I know the overall cost.
A:For us to give you a quote for a bench top we would need to receive the following details...
1) A drawing of the bench top complete with measurements and the sides marked that will be seen eg: if a side is against a wall it will not be seen.
2) What type and what thickness the worktop material is you are looking for i.e 30mm, 50mm.
3) Under mount or top mount sink?
4) If there are any Hob/Tap/Water Filter/Air switch cutouts - Stone and Stainless Steel tops only
5) Do you want a Square Edge or a D Shaped Post Formed - Laminate tops only
6) Do you want it to be templated and installed (Auckland Only), or just made to measure and installed, or made to measure, or supply only (only recommended a galley kitchen shape) - Stone and Stainless Steel tops only

Q: I see the units are flat packed and easy to assemble, but can i get these assembled by ikitchen if required.
A: Yes you can, However the cost for this additional work is 15% more for the units only (not on the panels or fillers), i.e if the units costs $280, it will cost a further $42 for it to be assembled. Also if delivered outside Auckland, the volume of the units will increase the freights costs, which usually doubles the cost.

Q: Can I get a different door profile (Shaker or country style).
A: Yes you can. This is an additional cost of 30% on top of the Platinum range unit prices only. You will also need to allow for all of the units to be assembled as specified above. For example, if the unit standard price is $300 then if you add 30% this will make it $390 with the profiled door.

Q: Can I have integrated handles?
A: Yes you can. The cost for this is $45.00 per handle required. It does add quite a bit of extra work sorry.

Q: Can I just buy a one off custom unit - Nothing else.
A: No sorry. We only offer complete kitchens. There are other companies that specialise in one off units i.e small job type workshops.

Q: Can I have my kitchen installed as well?
A: Yes you can however, iKitchen don't perform this task ourselves as we are are DIY kitchen company. We do have recommended specialist installers we can put you in touch with (Whangarei to Hamilton only) who are happy to do this for you. Most kitchens costs between $650 and $950 to install depending on how many units etc. iKitchen's time is best spent delivering as many great DIY kitchens as we can. 

Q: Do you supply screws as well for the installation?
A: No sorry. You will need to supply the screws to fix each unit together, as well as the fixing to the walls and floor.

Q: Why are the tall (FE and PE), base end (FBE) panels and base fillers (BF) supplied over depth?
A: This is to allow for scribing to the wall, as most NZ homes are not square, this then prevents a gap at the back, if not required it can be trimmed off.

Q: We are looking to face lift our kitchen. Can you supply replacement doors only?
A: No sorry, we only offer complete kitchens. There are other companies that specialise in facelifts eg: replacement drawer and door fronts or bench tops only.

Q: Do handles come with the units/ Do the handles I have purchased from you come attached to the doors and drawers?       
A: No, handles are not supplied as part of a unit. They are an accessory and need to be purchased in addition to any units you purchase. You can purchase handles from us and we do show a selection on the website. We don't fit the handles onto the units before they leave the factory, as doing so can likely cause damage in transit. Also, we do not know where you want to put your handles as everyone has different ideas. We do however provide customers a guide to fitting the handles along with the installation instructions.

Q:How do I work out what fillers and panels I need?
A:Fillers are used in the following areas...
- To fill spaces between end cabinets and walls
- To create additional spaces in corners, between cabinets, or between cabinets and appliances for drawers and doors to clear and close up odd gaps.
Panels are required when you have a unit that is at the end of a run and can be seen. It is required to cover the side of the unit/carcase and will match the colour of your doors. There are various types of end panels - base (FBE), wall (OE), tall (FE or PE ) and appliance (AE) please see the 2nd to last page of the DIY unit list.

Q: How do I buy a cutlery tray or one of the other accessories as there is a minimum order of $1000.
A: Just send us an email to stating the item required and where you live. We can then work out the total cost and send you an invoice.

Q: Can you give me a price for appliances?
A: Yes we can. However there are many makes and models of each appliance. We would suggest that you have a look in Harvey Normans and make a note of the model no's of any of the appliances you like. Send us through a list so we can provide you with a price.

Q: How much would it cost for delivery of my flat packed kitchen units.
A: For Auckland local we charge $250 for a one person delivery. This means that we require someone at the other end to help unload, or for a two person delivery we charge $320. For outside of Auckland we will need to get the cubic meterage and weight of the items that you are buying to calculate the cost. However to give you an estimate, an average 12/15 flat packed units to the North Island (outside of Auckland) would be approx. $350-$400.  To the South Island approx. $750 to $950. These could be a bit more or less depending on whether they are tall or small units, light or heavy etc. it's just a guide. It is combination of volume and weight.
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